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Initially, I was very skeptical about the Laughter Yoga course. I attended the course because my friend, Doreen (a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader graduated in Sept 2008 under Teacher Lee-Jean) strongly recommended this program & I just obliged her. I used to rely on sleeping pill to sleep. After this 2-Day program, I no longer require the sleeping pill and there was no disruption in my sleep. I felt light hearted. I wish to spread Laughter Yoga to my friends. It is simply so easy. You can do it anywhere, in the office, in the car or on your beautiful bed. I have started practicing it daily. It has changed my outlook in life. To all human beings, go for it!!! Hohohohahahahehehe……………………….. Josephine Tan Sioh Hoon

LY- is it a gimmick? I know for sure it lifts up my spirits… in the morning, it is difficult to feel great about anything especially if you are still feeling sleepy. But after a short session, I feel recharged and lighter. Is it crazy…well, who cares? The bystanders miss being crazy cos… they feel out of place. If you feel good after feeling crazy, by all means go ahead. If it makes you feel high, a legitimate kind of high, well you have benefitted! It is not a gimmick..it is good for you. --- Teresa Yeo

If we are happy, we are in a better position to be of benefit to others. Joining sessions in Laughter Yoga, we can be happy for no reason and experience spontaneous joy every day. My insurance sales increases too as I'm a 'happy' carrier and people can sense it and feel good. Just come and laugh and enjoy the results. .......Best Regards ........Esther

Namaste ! Hohohahaha
hahaha! I seldom laugh aloud, only smile , even in the leader training. When I came back home from the Laughter Yoga Leader program, I tried one of Laughter exercises - teh tarik Laughter, with my 3 children (3 sons -7, 5, 3yrs old) & they all like it. My friend, Kam Fah (who attended the same CLYL program) tried the "boxing kangaroo laughter" with her friend's children & they loved it too! Thanks jessie, thanks Jean .... and to all my other LY members !!!! : ) hahaha..... have a nice day !! keep in touch ..... Elaine Seah

GOod day Lee Jean, I had been procrasting for a long time to take up the laughter yoga leader program. SInce you conduct this course, I am so happy and I have been practising it daily in my daily lifes. It is really inspiring and the more I practise, the more I enjoy it. I would recommend people who want to be healthy and happy people to sign up for the course. WELL DONE TEACHER LEE JEAN! writing from Singapore.... Edmund Chew

I did a presentation early this year on Laughter the best Medicine and did extensive research on Laughter Yoga as well. But I did not really gain much insight because I don't even know what LY is all about. When I knew about the training programme, I registered immediately for the training and I never regret that. My life changed dramatically. Whenever I get into a negative situation, I can immediately change it positively, e.g. when I get upset with my mum or husband, or when I am caught in a traffic jam I would chant " Hohohaha, hohohaha " quietly and soon everything will be OK! If I am alone in the car I will chant loudly, afterall my windows are closed and nobody outside knows what I am doing! I feel great after that! I too realised that my sinus and throat problems had said "bye bye" to me!
Hohohahaha hohohahaha! The world is so beautiful! Audrey Chao

"I had nasosinusitis problem (blocked nose) & it troubled me every morning since I was 10 years old. It was so terrible; I can’t sleep & perform my job well. When I was 30 years old, my friend introduced me to Yoga. I found that Yoga deep breathing methods helped me. When I heard about 'Laughter Yoga' class from Jean & knowing that Yoga is good for health, I was the first to sign up for the program in September. After CLYL program & lots of Laughter Yoga exercises, I found that Laughter Yoga is more effective than just Yoga for my nasosinusitis problem. Now, I’m more open-minded and it’s really good to be with all the friends who ALWAYS LAUGH. I LIKE LAUGHTER YOGA COZ IT REALLY BENEFITTED ME ...HOHOHAHAHA.... Regards, Wendy HOO........Ray!!!

"One sure way of keeping oneself cheerful & happy contributing to good health, harmony & peace in this world. It’s a fantastic program" ----- DTM Nelson Loong

"After attending the CLYL program, I realized I am happier and light-hearted. I am able to handle my work stress in a calm manner. I practice the laughter exercises everyday and it also helps me in my personal life. I strongly recommend this program because it has been a breakthrough for me". ----- Au Yong Lucy

"Hohohahaha! After CLYL program, I am crazier than ever. I believe I only live once, why take life so serious, just have fun and enjoy. Laughter is contagious and I make people laugh with me. As a CLYL, I am able to lead Laughter Yoga sessions. Spreading good health and well lived life is my passion". ----- Doreen Tey

"When I attended the Laughter Yoga conference in Melbourne I'm curious to find out more what Laughter Yoga is all about. Hence, I immediately signed up for the 2 days intensive program in Johor Bahru (JB).
It is a simple, easy yet another effective form of aerobic exercise benefiting my entire body system. The laughter exercises actually helps in the release of more 'stale' air from our body system during exhalation, hence, making room for more fresh oxygen intake to our brains, body and system during yoga breathing. So, after a laughter and yoga breathing session of 30 mins, practically I feel my whole body is stretched, stimulated and exercised.....I feel good and 'light'.

Overall, my verdict: Five Stars [*****]
[and will certainly recommend to all my frenz!]".... Jessie Tay


Laughter Sessions : Johor Bahru:
Mondays: Taman Suria 7.00am

Tuesdays BCSG Centre 9.30am
Wednesdays Leisure Mall 7.00am
Fridays Mt Austin 7.30am

Fridays Hospital Permai 9.00am (2nd Fri of month)

Saturdays Taman Setia Indah 7.30am
Saturdays Harris @ Jusco Tebrau 8pm (1st Sat of month)
Saturdays Taman Molek 7.00am

Sundays Hutan Bandar 8.00am

Sundays Setia Tropika 7.00am

Laughter Sessions : Muar, Johor

Wednesdays Jalan Sakeh 7.15am

Sundays New Tanjung 7.00am


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