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25th Certified Laughter Yoga Leader Program


 Date: 20th & 21st April 2013

Time: 6.00pm - 10.00pm (Sat) and 9.00am - 5.00pm (Sun)

Venue: Holiday Villa, Subang, Malaysia

 Trainer: Lee-Jean Fung (Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher)

After successful completion of this course you are qualified as a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader (CLYL), an internationally recognized qualification. You can lead Laughter Yoga sessions in social clubs, yoga & fitness centers, schools, seniors and in the corporate workplace and offer public seminars.

•    Learning the physical, mental & emotional benefits of laughter
•    How to laugh without humor and how to teach others to do so
•    The history of Laughter Yoga
•    Starting & running laughter clubs
•    How to market your services
•    Techniques for special groups (children, seniors and more)
•    Laughter Boosting techniques
•    How to laugh alone

Anyone who is committed to spreading Laughter Yoga will benefit from this training.
It will be of special interest to:

•    Yoga and fitness teachers
•    HR and management training professionals
•    Health care professionals
•    Teachers and sports coaches
•    Psychologists and psychiatrists
•    Entertainment professionals
•    Senior care workers
•    Marriage and family therapists
•    Life coaches and alternative therapists
•    Sales managers
•    Tourism professionals & tour guides


Laughter Sessions : Johor Bahru:
Mondays: Taman Suria 7.00am

Tuesdays BCSG Centre 9.30am
Wednesdays Leisure Mall 7.00am
Fridays Mt Austin 7.30am

Fridays Hospital Permai 9.00am (2nd Fri of month)

Saturdays Taman Setia Indah 7.30am
Saturdays Harris @ Jusco Tebrau 8pm (1st Sat of month)
Saturdays Taman Molek 7.00am

Sundays Hutan Bandar 8.00am

Sundays Setia Tropika 7.00am

Laughter Sessions : Muar, Johor

Wednesdays Jalan Sakeh 7.15am

Sundays New Tanjung 7.00am


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