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Esther Teo

Hahaha...I'm Esther: I'm an Insurance Agent, by profession. The concept that “Laughter is the best medicine” caught my interest since young but I did not think deeply about it until only recently, when I was introduced to it again. Now I'm grateful to be among the first batch to have graduated as Certified Laughter Yoga Leaders in Johor. The concept has now become much clearer in its meaning and value. I now take every opportunity to share it with everyone I meet including my colleagues before meetings, friends, family members and with morning joggers in the park......look out for my sessions and I strongly believe that the sum of more laughers will increase tremendously in the future resulting in more healthy people and more peace.........hohohahaha........


Laughter Sessions : Johor Bahru:
Mondays: Taman Suria 7.00am

Tuesdays BCSG Centre 9.30am
Wednesdays Leisure Mall 7.00am
Fridays Mt Austin 7.30am

Fridays Hospital Permai 9.00am (2nd Fri of month)

Saturdays Taman Setia Indah 7.30am
Saturdays Harris @ Jusco Tebrau 8pm (1st Sat of month)
Saturdays Taman Molek 7.00am

Sundays Hutan Bandar 8.00am

Sundays Setia Tropika 7.00am

Laughter Sessions : Muar, Johor

Wednesdays Jalan Sakeh 7.15am

Sundays New Tanjung 7.00am


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